Melbourne Development Circle aims to provide a warm, friendly forum, where people working, or interested in the development and humanitarian sectors in both Australia and overseas, can meet together regularly to do a combination of the following:

  • Listen to challenging speakers
  • Have the opportunity to chat & network with each other
  • Share information
  • Possibly work together on useful outcomes for the development sector


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Leadership Team for 2016:

President: Rebecca Green

Secretary: Celeste Ward

Treasurer: Sam Marshall

Core Leadership Team: Tanya Francis, Martin Pritchard, France Pitt, Ashleigh Peplow Ball and Susanne Newton

MDC Co-Founders

Lexi Randall-L’Estrange, Convenor and Event Manager 2011-2013, Co-Founder
Chris Piper, MDC Leader 2011-2013, Co-Founder Website:
Chris Piper, MDC Leader 2011-2013, Co-Founder
Ian Jones, Social Enterprise Guru 2011-2014, Co-Founder
Ian Jones, Social Enterprise Guru 2011-2014, Co-Founder











Kelly Rae, 2014 Convenor and Co-Founder

Foundation Steering Committee

Lexi Randall-L’Estrange, Chris Piper, Kelly Rae, Ian Jones, Lucinda Hartley, Kirk Fisher, Dr. Simone Buzwell

Leadership Alumni

Emily Steele, Lucy Norton, Ángela Estévez Megías, Sophie O’Halloran, Dan A’Vard, Ian Jones, Chris Piper, Chloe Piper, Melissa Reid, Petr Svoboda and Felicity Sowerbutts.