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stop reading blogs

To better understand development, stop reading development blogs – In order to escape the bubble of developmentcentrism, Brendan argues that we must stop reading development blogs and read more widely. A good reading list should not look like the Guardian’s Global Development ‘Key first-year reads’, but more like an entrancing Amazon Wish List.

reinventing the wheel

Stop reinventing the wheel, you tool! – How big should a per diem be so that it covers costs without bribing participants? What’s the best way to write a focus group guide? How can you write survey questions that people will answer honestly? A new initiative is your one-stop-shop to help you in your day-to-day work in development.

Armchair expert

The key to reducing poverty is… fewer armchair experts – It seems everyone knows the best way to reduce poverty and make development better. Why are there so many armchair experts on development and how can those of us in the sector advance conversations with those outside of it? Weh Yeoh gives his expert opinion.