Join the Movement to End Poverty

mtep logo (oficial)In the year 2000, Australia committed to helping achieve the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to halve poverty by 2015. With just a few years to go until the deadline, urgent action is required if nations are to fulfil their promise to achieve the MDGs.

The Movement to End Poverty is a joint action of the Make Poverty History and Micah Challenge coalitions for all Australians who believe we can end extreme poverty. Australia can help Make Poverty History by giving it’s fair share of aid – just 70 cents in every $100 of Australian’s national income by 2020. As a step towards achieving this, we ask our government to keep it’s promise to increase aid to 50 cents in every $100 dollars of national income by 2016.

Together with our coalition partners, Make Poverty History is collecting signatures to show the federal government that contributing a fair amount to sustainable human development is the right thing to do and something that many Australians support. Join the thousands of Australians taking action on global poverty by signing the Movement to End Poverty petition