Pollinate Energy Young Professionals Program – Apply Now!

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Pollinate Energy is a social enterprise improving the lives of  India’s urban poor by giving them access to products that make their lives better. We empower entrepreneurs to be a positive force for change, as they supply products including solar lights, mobile phone chargers, and fuel efficient cookstoves to urban poor communities.

Pollinate Energy also host groups of international teams on a Young Professionals Program, who contribute to the overall strategy and development of the Pollinate Energy business model.

The Young Professionals Program fosters future leaders in sustainable development, equipping them with the skills in leadership, problem-solving and critical analysis which are necessary to create positive change. The intensive 2-week program is delivered by the cofounder team who have extensive experience across sustainability, economics, government and private practise, not to mention their years spent in international development and as founders of Pollinate Energy.

The program participants in April 2014 will focus on assessing the social, economic and environmental impact over the past year of operations for Pollinate Energy. With a strong focus on program monitoring and evaluation, participants will experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage directly with our customers, and hear how this social enterprise approach to alleviate poverty is impacting lives.

PE logoAre you the next agent for social change?

Applications close December 13th, for more information and to apply click here.

“The Pollinate Energy Young Professionals Program is a ‘must do’ for anyone even remotely curious about changing the world for the better. I learnt more about India, poverty, social business and myself during the 2 week program than I have in the last 2 years!”

– Holly Hyder, YPP 2013, Pollinate Energy Ambassador