Updates from our TDC leaders around the country

Dean Wood from SDC has been interviewing The Development Circle leaders from around the country about what’s going on in their Circle, and what they’re looking forward to in 2015. Check out the videos below!

carly picCarly Stephens, Co-founder and Convenor – Brisbane Development Circle

http://youtu.be/amblBhXYYo4 (2:24)

blaise picjpegBlaise Murphet, President – Melbourne Development Circle

http://youtu.be/fxIiW4iR74s (2:06)

patriciaPatricia Garcia, Convenor – Sydney Development Circle

http://youtu.be/73MKXWUpIWc (4:18)

lexi-randall-l-estrangeLexi Randall-L’Estrange – Coordinator, The Development Circle, Co-founder and Treasurer, Melbourne Development Circle

http://youtu.be/ezeReDqqW3c (6:14)